Catchy Title: Simple, Affordable and __________ [Web Design Solutions for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs] in less than a Week!

Here’s how we can work together to {main benefit of working with you, ie. create a strong web presence} that {desired action, ie. attracts clients quickly}

{My/Our} {products/services/programs} were designed especially for {target market, ie. busy coaches} like you who want to {desired outcome, ie. launch and promote a client-attracting business web site that is uniquely yours}.

They’ve already worked so well helping {dozens/hundreds/thousands} of other {target market description, ie. coaches} because they combine:

  • {feature/benefit statement, ie. A customized WordPress website design that fits your unique business brand},
  • {feature/benefit statement, ie. Compelling copywriting that will cause clients to act now},
  • {feature/benefit statement, ie. Comprehensive marketing consultation to help you discover how to best reach your ideal clients}, and
  • {feature/benefit statement, ie. Step-by-step guides to help you create an effective, easy-to-maintain internet marketing plan that practically runs itself month after month}

No matter which option you choose from those outlined below, {I/we} will walk you step-by-step through the process of {desired outcome, ie. discovering your ideal client}, {desired outcome, ie. finding your compelling marketing message}, and {desired outcome, ie. creating your own simple, easy-to-follow internet marketing plan}.

Plus, with each {product/service/program description, ie. WordPress design package} you won’t just get {feature, ie. a great business website design};

You’ll also get:

  • {bonus gift/other feature of your services, ie. tons of free resources to empower you to: Maintain your new business website, Write your own compelling web copy, Effectively promote your client-attracting website, and more}
  • {bonus gift/other feature of your services, ie. Unlimited email support between phone consultations}
  • {bonus gift/other feature of your services, ie. Up to 3 revisions on your website design & copywriting drafts}

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